Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Societal Switch to HomeExchange over Hotels

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The swift movement away from hotels and towards homes has taken hold unlike any societal change in recent memory. Families are discovering that hotel rooms are not conducive to a good number of people coming together and experiencing a region or see the local attractions in an organic way. They’re good for business travelers but limited in terms of offering an experience for families who wish to truly immerse themselves in a region.

The growth of HomeExchange.com and home rental platforms is a reflection of so many millions of people’s positive comments and experiences. Homeowners that are nervous about having a stranger stay in their house and are worried about the repercussions have that reciprocity of a social contract where someone is actually staying in your house while you are there too. The obvious implications are that the guest will take good care of the home. This has worked out splendidly for families who are looking to travel on a budget but do so without compromising experience or quality.

Apply for more than using for years is HomeExchange.com, which has nearly a half million properties across the world, many of them opulent and simply stunning, which allow one’s own residence to be rented and, in turn, you can rent other people’s lovely properties. Even people who don’t reside in a castle have reported a good number of bookings from people who need to be in the region for a wedding or any number of reasons that make even a standard residence a good opportunity to earn some gas points, the currency on the site for renting properties.

I’ve done a dozen exchanges in the last year, and all of them have been overwhelmingly positive, and I can say that beyond any other platform, HomeExchange.com has delivered sensational value that I’ve trumpeted to anyone who was going on vacation. The real difficulty with VRBO and Airbnb is that things are getting a bit out of hand with cleaning and miscellaneous fees that make the cost of vacation many times much more expensive than actually just booking a hotel room or a comparable size suite. The offerings are in abundance on these platforms, but in my experience, the difficulties outweigh the benefits.

There are some cleaning fees here and there, in light of Covid-19, to keep things incredibly clean. But the norm is to do the rentals without cleaning fees such that if you bank some guest points “GP” from years prior, you can use those in abundance. It’s a spectacular program whereby you can have people stay in your rental home now and then next year move your tiff into it, and by that time, you’re the master of a considerable number of gas points.

Overall, I would recommend streamlining your vacation experience by opting to register for homeexchange.com and trying their intuitive site on route to landing a sensational property in the destination of your choice. In terms of a learning curve for the site, one of the things that is very readily mentioned is that it takes about 15 homes to be contacted before one will very likely give you an approval because people are all over the place with Covid-19 and their travel plans, such that the calendar may not be necessarily representative of the most recent, updated availability. But once you get through the process of sending someone a quick message, which is pre-populated and changes the names of the person to make the process of reaching out incredibly seamless, then you’ll have it down and will have no trouble whatsoever reaching out to various properties.

Spending time with your family and allowing yourself to get mentally rejuvenated is important exercise that is well worth it and pays dividends in your work life, family life, and the balance between the two that is so important to help your career achieve lasting success.

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