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The AirBNB Challengers

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Many people incorrectly assume that the only alternative to going to a hotel is tapping into AirBNB’s network of properties. While this is a tried and true solution that has gained quite a bit of exposure and recognition, there are alternatives that are doing just as good or better of a job to collect top tier homes and avail them to the wider traveling ecosystem. 

They have solutions where you can outlay cash if you want a true home experience like VRBO, but these are out of the budgets of a great percentage of even Americans or West Europeans. An excellent alternative is a site that I’ve had quite a bit of positive experiences with over the last few years in HomeExchange. The beauty of this platform lies in their integration of points which allow vacationers to use their accumulated points at whatever time they choose, on whatever continent they so desire. 

Many people go into a vacation experience and let their home stay dormant for fear of letting a stranger in who will misuse of property. I always believed it to be a genius idea to stay at the property of someone who’s staying at your property, thus creating a arrangement that incentivizes both parties to treat the property gingerly. The result is a model has worked for many thousands of vacationers yearly. The fact that this platform embraces both guestpoints and reciprocal exchanges makes it such that the combined properties can be put on one central database for all to see. 

When you go to travel to a destination, almost 100% of the time the greatest expense will be tide up in the lodging. If you can get your lodging squared away with a platform like HomeExchange and use points to get air travel orders on car rentals than families can squeeze quite a bit more experience is out of the modest budget. I was amazed to hear how some people on the platform are taking a few hundred dollars and transforming yet in two whirlwind, once in a lifetime vacations. 

Feel free to comment or send me a message if you have any questions about why other platforms than AirBNB are being more aggressive with cost savings offered to consumers and delivering a superior experience. 

Whether you’re traveling to your next crypto conference, visiting family, or on business abroad, it’s in your best interest to explore all that’s out there in the way of options to secure the best lodging possible within your budget.

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