Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Interview with Liliana Reasor of SupraFin, a Crypto Asset Allocation App

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Had a great discussion with Liliana Reasor of SupraFin for LA Blockchain Summit.

One of the most common mistakes among those dipping their toe into crypto is unnecessarily concentrating investments into a singular project, like #Doge, #Shib, #Litecoin, #Ethereum, or, even, #Bitcoin.

There are so many different and compelling uses cases being attempted in a million different ways by these vastly different projects that it’s in your best interest to have an crypto asset allocation model that sprinkles capital across projects that are promises which means:

✅ A visible, prominent, and experienced team who regularly do speeches and speak with authority on the space and their project’s chosen use cases.
✅. Legal entities that support the project in jurisdictions that permit all such activities being explored and executed or, if they’re going Western world facing, exhaustive AML/KYC measures to vet investors as accredited investors, coupled with having relationships with top–ideally white shoe–law firms that have opinion letters on all of their activities
✅ Blockchain volume or TVL that is demonstrative of the quality of the project lead team, clearly demonstrating that wallet activity is legitimate and sustainable.
✅ Daily Github commits, social media posts, and support response time under 24 hours.

If you’re in LA on December 7th, SupraFin is having a Crypto & Wine event, which are always informative and a lot of fun.


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